Cargo coverage is also known as Inland Marine will be a required coverage by your brokers. Cargo covers the non-owned freight that is or on the trailer. The limits can range from $50,000 to $1M. The current standard limit is $100K.

If your broker or contract is requiring higher limits than $100K, you may want to determine if the contract will justify the additional cost for carrying the higher limits.

You may know or not know, but the cargo policy usually is a named commodity policy. If the agent does not list the commodity or commodities you are hauling it could lead to an uncovered claim when it arises. Not the best time to find out. Cargo policies do not offer a gen freight option, we need to be more specific.

One final thing, check your cargo policy for any hemp (CBD, D8, THCa) or cannabis exclusions if you decide to transport. You will need to get the policy replaced with one that does not exclude that commodity.