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Mytruckinsurancequotes.com is part of Specialty Insurance Partners, LLC out of Colorado Springs, CO.

Specialty Insurance Partners, LLC specializes in several industries, trucking being one of them. Our agents are TRS (transportation risk specialist) certified through the MCIEF (Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation) organization. The TRS insurance designation is a highly recognized designation among the insurance industry and professionals. We have taken extensive training and testing to ensure we provide the best in class service and experience to your company. Not all agents and agencies that sell trucking insurance understand the trucking industry like we do. We have access to exclusive transportation programs and markets that you may qualify for and will benefit from.  Call us today to see how we can help your company stay on the road moving forward.


You have worked long and hard to start and build your company. Your insurance is as important as the equipment you operate. Not having the proper coverages, classifications, and the best premiums that you qualify for, can park you along the side of the road. Do not leave your insurance to just anyone, call us today.

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